Curiosity :

Rosamond Zander : "How Fascinating!"

Skills will help the individual be able to say what they want to say.
Not important in getting it right, skill in getting yourself out there.
Failure is not failure but part of the process
Grades make kids pull back, aim only for the "right" thing
Importance of unlearning what kids have learned about fitting in the box
Physical gesture that goes along with the idea that you respond to failure with "How Fascinating", the curiosity of examining what happened.

Phil Stanton: Co Founder of the Blue Man Group
Take the things you love and put them together with other things you love.
Create the opportunity for alchemy to happen within the things that are blissful to you

Allow as many possibilities as possible for the kids to express themselves
Really going back to the kids interests and starting there - adding that into the mix no matter what the "content" area